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SPACE 22 in the news!!!

Click on the articles to read…


Launch@22 in the Ballarat Courier


The Sunday Herald Sun – 28 Feb 2010

The Weekend Australian – 13 March 2010

Phil Berry in The Courier, Tuesday March 30 2010 


“Country Slicker”, The Sunday Age M Magazine, 14 March 2010

Dan Kelly’s “One Man Group Show”, The Courier, June 2010




“Watching the weather”, The Courier, July 2010

 “Influences combined”, The Courier, October 2010

Maurine Grosse, The Courier, October 2010

“Space 22 holds second exhibition”, The Courier, 18.1.2011

 “Dozens of artists contribute to show”, The Courier, 25.1.2011

 “Action-packed work about to go on show”, The Courier, 8.2.2011

 “Ballarat lanes provide inspiration”, The Courier, 8.3.2011
“Accidental” artist stitches up another show, The Courier, 3.5.2011



"The Curious Present", The Courier, 7.6.2011


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