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What and where is SPACE 22?

Space 22 is a new and exciting artist run initiative which opened in January 2010 at 22 Main Road, Ballarat.

Ballarat has a vibrant local arts community and we anticipate that Space 22 will help to extend,enhance and compliment the current arts scene within our region and will provide an exciting venue for a variety of art projects, including visual arts, poetry, music and performance.

Space 22 is an artist-run space, which means that it is run by a small group of volunteers on a not-for-profit basis to encourage and support local artists by providing a quality exhibition venue.  Located on Ballarat’s first main street at 22 Main Road, Space 22 aims to showcase some of the newest ideas emerging from the fertile imaginations of local artists and fellow creative travellers.  We are dedicated to supporting emerging and established artists working across a diverse range of media and approaches – from traditional media such as painting, drawing, ceramics and printmaking through to more recent forms of multi-media, installation and performance. It will also be available for various complementary activities such as poetry reading, theatre, discussion and live music, as well as for curated thematic shows.  In short, Space 22 aims to be a venue where ideas about art and culture in general can be exchanged and presented.

Space 22 provides a wonderful opportunity for Ballarat and district people to buy original art at reasonable prices and support artists at the same time.  While some people will probably be nervous about buying original art – either imagining that it will be expensive, or doubting their ability to make appreciative judgements – at Space 22 there’ll be no need to feel apprehensive.  Afterall, the artists – or their generous friends – will be ‘minding the shop’ and very keen to talk to visitors. Artists really need support and this is one way art-lovers can help them.  It’s a great quid pro quo situation 🙂

What do we offer?

Artist-run spaces are proving to be vital testing grounds for artists who want to launch their careers in what is an increasingly crowded arts arena. Commercial galleries expect anything up to 40% commission and in a highly competitive market-place it is often difficult for artists to find someone to take them on. Artist-run spaces provide an essential alternative and they have proved their worth in cities across Australia. Some of the most innovative and challenging creative works have been given their first public showing in them.

 At Space 22 we provide the following:

  • Artists are selected through a submission process and can hire either the whole gallery space or one of the two rooms the space comprises
  • Exhibitions are set on a three-week turn-around period, gallery hours are Thursday – Sunday, 12 – 5pm
  • Rent for the spaces has been set as low as possible and Space 22 does not take any profit from this
  • Space 22 takes no commission on work sold, all money goes to the exhibiting artist
  • The Space 22 Committee provides advice and assistance for installation and hanging, and representatives are always present at exhibition openings to help things run smoothly
  • The Committee assists artists in promoting their show via an extensive email guest list (now numbering over 400), also providing line advertisements in inTrouble arts magazine, ‘What’s On’ in the Courier, and regularly submitting media releases to the arts editor of The Courier
  • Artists are responsible for opening costs, hard copy invitations and for sitting their own show


To celebrate the opening of this new space we had the gallery’s first exhibition – Launch @ 22 – a group show of 2D and 3D works that fit within 30 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm including frame and or stand.

This launch exhibition gave over 80 artists the opportunity to showcase their work to a wider audience and gave many members of the general public an opportunity to experience what the artists of Ballarat and region have got to offer, all in a wonderful refurbished building in the oldest part of Ballarat.

Space 22 is open Thursday to Sunday 12 – 5pm


Space 22 Gallery 22 Main Rd Ballarat
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