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ORBIT 2011

Our 30x30x30cm fundraising exhibition

20 Jan – 6 Feb 2011




Take a Leap

10 – 27 Feb

Marcia King, “Ignore the downdraft”, charcoal and acrylic on paper

The lively drawings of Marcia King literally leap out at the viewer from the extensive presentation of large works in this exhibition, “Take A Leap”, at Space 22. Strong line work, generally with charcoal, and often enhanced with colour, captures the dramatic movement of the street dancer and the action moment of the extreme sports practitioner. We generally associate this type of activity with adventurous youth, and the people populating these drawings and paintings are young and active, and taking risks. King is fascinated by the attitude of these sports-people, especially those who practice the extreme sport of Le Parkour, who take on sheer walls and other obstacles that the average person might deem impossible to negotiate.


Walking the Lanes


3 – 20 March

Lars Stenberg in his studio

“Walkers are ‘practitioners of the city,’ for the city is made to be walked.
A city is a language, a repository of possibilities, and walking is the act of speaking that language, of selecting from those possibilities.
Just as language limits what can be said, architecture limits where one can walk, but the walker invents other ways to go.”
Rebecca Solnit (Wanderlust: A History of Walking)
“This exhibition comprises paintings made while walking in the lanes of Ballarat over a period of one year. Three lanes form the focus of the work: Syncline, Anticline and Quarry.The streets in this area, named for places like Ascot and Ripon that hark back to the “old country”, picket fences and carefully tended gardens, present a conventional face to the world; a face that everyone expects and accepts. The lanes, on the other hand, are named for the activities that went on in Ballarat when they were built, and reflect the local mining and quarrying heritage (the words syncline and anticline refer to folds in rock strata).The night carts used grumble fragrantly up and down them, and still the picket fences of the front garden give way to a ramshackle assortment of Colorbond, rusting tin, weathered wood and peeling paint of back yards, sheds, leaning car ports, smoking barbecues and at least a thousand barking dogs. Life goes on in the lanes.There is an intimacy about walking the lanes that is wholly absent when driving the streets. The lanes are a way of getting under the skin of the city. So the paintings in this exhibition are deliberately small scale. The early ones began as sketches for larger paintings but I soon discovered that the scale suited the subject. I changed my working practice and the result is this series of small, intimate paintingsThe paintings are painted “alla prima”, that is, in one session with no later glazing or overworking. I wanted a sense of immediacy, the better to share the experience of walking the lanes through the seasons.”
Lars Stenberg, Ballarat, February 2011



March 24 – April 10

Official Opening Saturday April 2 3-5pm

Please join the artist for drinks to celebrate this wonderful show

Ash Lieb – Invitation

Young Ballarat artist Ash Lieb creates his artwork using his camera, found images, his computer and his ‘off-the-wall’ imagination. The resultant digital Photo Montage Giclee print is described by Lieb as “Pop Surrealism”, with an humorous bent. While Lieb says that his work is not so much self-referencing as it is creation of  visual jokes,  the works themselves nevertheless tell a much deeper, more thoughtful story. They are Pop-cultural references, as his exhibition title suggests, to  what Lieb makes of what is happening in the world around him, at home and away. Lieb says that his work is inspired by artists such as Woody Allen and Andy Warhol, and the viewer will be aware of these influences in the exhibition. He also mentions Monty Python in passing, although the title of the exhibition suggests a stronger inspirational link.

A small selection of self-portraiture takes us through Lieb’s traumatic battle, in his mid 20’s, with a brain tumour. He completed his major university assignment while undergoing radiation treatment.

The exhibition is comprised of large and very large poster style prints, framed and unframed, that fill the gallery with a bright and youthful presentation that will have universal appeal. At 28 years of age Lieb has recently completed his Bachelor of Visual Art at the Arts Academy and fits well into the bracket of emerging talent that Space 22 seeks to support and present. The exhibition at Space 22, 22 Main Road, Ballarat runs from the 24th March to the 10th April. The opening celebration will be held Saturday 3rd April, 3 – 5 pm. Gallery hours are Thursday to Sunday 12 -5 pm.




EXHIBITION DATES: 14 April – 1 May 2011


Containment is to: hold,  incorporate,  accommodate,  enclose,  include,  consist of,  embrace,  embody,  hold in,  curb,  suppress.


The Third Wednesday Group

The Third Wednesday Group is a group of individual artists from Birregurra,BannockburnandGeelong, who meet on the third Wednesday of each month.  They come together to share and explore a wide variety of skills and knowledge through participating in mini workshops. They use many and varied media including wool, plant material, paper, wire and other fibres. Members bring specialist skills and knowledge in their particular media of choice, as well as more creative ideas, to these workshops.

The Group works collaboratively to produce artistic pieces for the Bannockburn Art Show, and the Birregurra Community and Celtic festivals. In 2009/2010 the group produced individual, as well as a combined piece, to decorate the Blue Room at the Johnston Collection Museum Christmas exhibition. These decorations were subsequently part of an exhibition at the Geelong Wool Museum and at the Historical Centre in Birregurra.

For the exhibition at Space 22 in Ballarat five members of the group are working individually within the concept of “Containment”.


Five artists, using a variety of techniques and materials, interpret the concept of “containment”.


Chris West – embroidery, creative felting,  fibre and textiles


Lyn Dickson –works with paper and other natural fibres,  journals.


Pam Morgan – weaving, felted garments and creative sculptural felting.


Wendy Robinson – felted garments.


Pam Fyfe –  felting with wool and silk.

Opening drinks Saturday 16 April 3-5pm


Lyn Dickson
Chris West






Pam Morgan



Wendy Robinson






Pam Fyfe




 Ending 5pm this Sunday May 22nd

“I mark time by stitching, always with something big or small at hand; all my time spent, but not wasted, at basketball practice, at cricket training, in doctors’ waiting rooms. Quilting has taught me the value of time but more importantly it is the expression of the value of my time. My collection of quilts is the culmination of many years of stitching.”

Maria Cook, Artist, 2011



26 – 12 June…

Gallery 1:





Cody Joy’s work is very much about delicate mark-making, the interaction between artist, pen and ink and the paper. 

The process of creation is very important to her work, “representing the consciousness of the present moment and my place within it”, says the talented emerging artist. 

“Repetition of line brings about a sense of peace and reflection for the viewer to experience.”   


Gallery 2:




Lyn Dickson has been creating art for many years, spending many hours in native bushland collecting what she calls “fascinating and inspirational objects” including seed pods, grasses, feathers and leaves.  Dickson’s work combines these collected items with hand-made and commercial papers, paying homage to nature’s many forms. 

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